We carry out aerial photography services using drones (multicopters) and seminars for training drone pilots.

RallyStream’s drone pilots have advanced knowledge of radio law, aviation law, etc., as well as flight experience, teaching experience, and safety management knowledge in important business situations, and are certified as “DJI Master” by DJI JAPAN. It has been. It is possible to carry out various levels of services and workshops according to your needs.

Shooting moving objects such as vehicles (movies, TV commercials, competitions, events)

Shooting buildings and structures
(movies, TVCM, civil engineering and surveying, 3D modeling)

Nature photography
(movies, TVCM, civil engineering surveys, nature surveys)
Drone experience meeting for beginners (for beginners and beginners)

Pilot training training (business users, those who want to improve their maneuvering skills)

DJI CAMP (DJI Specialist Training Course)