Could you please tell me the smartphone requirements for the app?

To use the “RallyStream Tracking” app, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet device that meets the following conditions:

  1. Device with GPS capability
  2. Operating System (OS) that meets one of the following:
    ・iOS 13.0 or later
    ・iPadOS 13.0 or later
    ・Android 8.0 or later
Is there a charge for using the tracking system?

The installation of the player tracking app ‘RallyStream Tracking’ is free.

Please bear the cost of packet data communication when downloading and using the app.

How much data does the app use?

It’s about 100MB per day during the rally. This can vary depending on how often you use the app, especially the map screen.”

How much battery does the app consume?

The app consumes a significant amount of battery power to continuously transmit accurate location information. Battery consumption varies depending on battery capacity and degradation, but there have been cases where the battery drains to 0% in about half a day. Please use the app while charging during the rally.

Please advise on the placement of the smartphone inside the car.

Please secure the smartphone in a position where it can be operated while the seatbelt is fastened. We recommend placing it where both the driver and co-driver can access it.

How can team members check the crew’s location information?

Team members can use the publicly accessible tracking website provided for spectators.

There is no need for team members to install the player app to check location information.

Automatic Stopping of App’s Location Sharing

For iPhone users, please set the app’s location usage to ‘Always Allow.’ If it’s set to ‘Allow While Using App,’ the location sharing may stop when using another app.

For Android users, check settings such as power-saving mode and permission for background app operation.”

Example of Settings Changes

Xiaomi MIUI V12
Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > App Name > Battery Saver > No Restrictions

Settings > Battery > App Battery Usage > App Name > Allow Background Activity > On
Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Sleep Standby Optimization > Off

Settings > App Management > Custom Power Saving > App Name > Power Saving > Allow Background Execution
Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Sleep Standby Optimization > Off

Battery > Startup > App Name > Manage Manually > All On

Please be careful not to accidentally close the process when switching apps, as this will stop the transmission of location information.

Connecting your smartphone to the car’s camera via Wi-Fi for camera operation can disrupt internet connectivity and prevent the transmission of location information. Please remember to disconnect from the camera’s Wi-Fi after using it. To prevent issues, we recommend using a dedicated smartphone for tracking purposes.

There have been reports of issues when using internet connectivity via mobile Wi-Fi routers. It is recommended to connect directly to the internet from your smartphone.

The app’s location information jumps to different positions than actual.

Please review your location settings and set them to ‘High Accuracy’ if possible.

For iPhone users, in the Settings app, navigate to Settings > TRACKING > Location Services > Ensure ‘Precise Location’ is turned on.”